The 3 Greatest Moments In Broom Rack Aqw History


for a long time now i have been just putting my brooms and mops in the corner of my's such a fuss trying to find something at the point and time you need them when they are in that messy heap.but with home it mop and broom holder i can have all of them nicely organized and ready whenever i need them.i love the rolling balls feature. This broom and mop holder really holds the handles to my brooms mops without causing's a very solid product with a durable quality that will last you a very long i see people complaining and even rating down because of color that is silly to me.sure the color is more tan than white but who honestly cares color is personal preference and has nothing to do with the quality and construction of the mop and broom organizer .as a product with functions it works amazing holds the mops brooms with such a grip that is perfectand it doesn't slip from the grip.i have bought a few broom holders in my day claiming this or that and when i went to install them they would gradually slip from the grip right before my eyes.when you lock them in place you can be sure that your things are going to stay there and never pretty much get exactly what you see in the photo as well as the necessary tools to install it with and it also has little hooks to hang your dustpans and washing towels with too.not only does the rolling balls hold tightly but they adjust to the width and size of the can use this not just to hold your brooms can use it to also store away sporting goods tools anything just got to use your imagination.just little ball holds up to 7 1 2 pounds of weight which is a lot for a little device but what i really love about this product is that it keeps my garage clean i have more room now thanks to this thing the brooms mops are out of sight and away from mind i really love this product and i am glad i got the opportunity to try it out for free ftc disclaimer i got this product for free for this review but my opinions are 100 my own thank you i bought this so long ago but for some reason anything i buy that needs to be attached to the wall will sit in limbo for an exceedingly long amount of time until i finally decide to install it. it's like i have a mental block with wall hanging items. i really shouldn't have waited so long because installation was not nearly as bad as i thought it would be. in fact it was one of the easier items we've ever put up.installation i took my longest stick and placed it in the holder to see how high i would need to affix it to the wall making sure to let most of the stick hang underneath in the event of any downward sliding it may do while hanging. we then took the level made it straight and used a sharpie to mark the six holes on the wall.this particular wall was drywall so pilot holes were made the drywall mounts were added then the holder was lined up accordingly. the middle top hole was the first to be screwed in then the outward bottom ones then the rest leaving a solid hold to the wall.i would recommend that you open at least one of the hooks before installation so as to make sure that you do not affix the to the wall upside down. we had no problem but i could see this being easy to overlook.everything hangs in the holder exactly as it was designed to do making this a wonderful addition to help tidy up your home. ours is in the garage but this would also work perfectly for any brooms swiffer mops and or dustpans which may be stored fact more than likely an additional holder will be purchased in the future for that very reason but i'm going to wait until i know i'm ready to hang it on the wall before doing so this time lol. holder