The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Lower Back Support


as someone who has suffered from back pain i'm working daily to correct my terrible posture. i feel like this lumbar support helps to correct my tendency to slouch. it is incredibly comfortable and the memory foam contours to my body while providing support. i like that this lower back support has an extension to the strap so i can stretch it out to fit over my wide chaise lounge as well. and the mesh lining keeps it from getting too hot.disclaimer i purchased this item at a discount. i am providing an honest review in my own words. this is a quality item and i'm very pleased with this love home product. i am interested in other products by this company in my quest for a happy adjustale go lumbar support healthy body. duro med relax a bac lumbar back support cushion pillow with insert and strap to properly align the spine and ease lower back pain grayi bought this cushion for my work and the duro med relax a bac for my home office. i work 40 hours a week in the office and at least 10 hours a week in my home office all in front of a computer. i prefer this lumbar back support over the duro med for a number of reasons. the love home cushion is more solidly built and not as flimsy as the duro med. the love home has adjustable elastic belt with buckle and even an extension belt for extra wide chairs. with the duro med cushion one is left to the mercy how far the elastic strap stretches and mine barely fit. if i was going to buy a third cushion i would easily buy the love home cushion over the duro med. support